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Making Disciples who Make Disciples

In order for disciples to make disciples, we would love to see each person at NorthWoods Church grow in their faith by participating in discipleship. We believe this can accelerate spiritual growth through Bible reading, Scripture memory, and accountability.

Love for Jesus

We are seeking to help every member of NorthWoods grow in his/her love for Jesus. We encourage people to cultivate a strong relationship with the Lord through faithful study of the Word, personal prayer, and genuine worship. We seek to create an atmosphere where people are naturally growing closer to the Lord and are finding positive examples to emulate.

Learn from Jesus

A disciple is someone who has received Christ’s offer of forgiveness and is learning from Him about the life that He is calling us to live. We want our members to be growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and so we seek to create opportunities to learn from Him.

Some primary avenues for growth are through The Gathering and Discipleship relationships. Many of our people are involved in discipling relationships, by meeting with one or a few other people regularly for more involved discipleship. Through these relationships, you can learn how to live for Jesus.

Live like Jesus

What we are learning from Jesus should be displayed in how we live. We challenge members to be doers of the Word and put their faith into action in all of their relationships. Practically speaking, this means challenging people to find outlets for serving others, whether in a ministry of the church, a ministry outside of the church, or both. We have several Service Opportunities through our ongoing ministries and we also have many contacts in our community where you can serve and display the love of Christ to others.

Lead to Jesus

It is our hope that the people of NorthWoods would be regularly involved in seeing people come to faith in Jesus. We are encouraging each member to pray for people who need Jesus, to share the gospel regularly, and to invite people to church. We want every person to see himself/herself as being “on mission,” whether that is here in Evansville or some far corner of the world.

Looking for Discipleship? Whether you're looking to be a mentor or to be mentored, we can help! Any man looking for discipleship can contact Pastor Darin Garton, and women can contact Rachel Bland.

Darin Garton

Darin Garton

Executive Pastor

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Rachel Bland

Rachel Bland

Women’s Ministry and Connections Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get discipled?

Let us know by filling out the Discipleship Form

Can I pick who I meet with for discipleship?

We love it when discipleship relationships form naturally! If you have someone in mind you’d like to meet with, that works! But if you aren’t sure who you’d like to meet with, we can help with that! When you’re getting paired with someone, we look for someone who is further along in their faith journey who can help hold you accountable in your walk with Jesus!

How long does it take to get paired?

It depends! It can take a few weeks to get paired or grouped with someone for discipleship! Once we get your contact information, we’ll let you know we’ve started the process of getting you paired and update you as progress is made!

What's required of someone being discipled?


We would love for you to be faithful to the Word of God and faithful to put in the work!


Schedules fill up quickly, but when it comes to discipleship, availability is key! When you and your discipler set up a time to meet, make sure to protect that time and strive to be as available as possible!


2 Timothy 3:16 reminds us that Scripture is used for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness! This means that as you read through the Bible, there may be areas of your life that need to change or adjust. This is where we encourage you to be teachable based on the Truth found in God’s Word.

I'm interested in discipling someone, what do I need to do?

We would love to have you attend our Discipleship Seminar to get an understanding of what it looks like to disciple!

We would also encourage you to have already been in a discipleship relationship where you have previously been discipled!

Still have questions?

If you have any more questions about our program, please contact us and we’d love to hear from you!

For Men: Executive Pastor, Darin Garton

For Women: Women’s Ministry Director, Rachel Bland